fake crypto twitter scam

Fake Twitter Accounts Scam

The emergence of fake Twitter accounts that impersonate notable players in the crypto-scene has quickly increased as we’re seeing fake accounts of people like Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum, Charlie Lee of Litecoin, and more. Many of these impostor accounts are so good that they are almost identical to the real deal and can only be distinguished by an underscore or capital letter. The fake account will usually run giveaways or airdrops where they promise to send a larger amount of tokens if you send them tokens first.

They’ll often include tactics like immediately replying to the real person they are impersonating’s tweet, and even have fake accounts that reply confirming that they have received the free tokens.
crypto scam twitter

One would think this is fairly obvious scam, but for some reason thousands of dollars worth of tokens have been sent to scammer’s addresses. New investors may not be experienced with or might over look minor details and fall for these type of schemes. It’s important to always verify that the account you are receiving your information from is actually the legit account.  More importantly, it’s smarter to not be lead be greed or desperation when it comes to crypto. Crypto is all about risk, but when something sound too good to be true, it most likely is.