Global King Coin is a SCAM – Copied Website

The Global King Coin will be launching their ICO in about 5 days, do not send any one on their team money. There hasn’t been too much hype around their ICO but if fake company can create an ICO all at the cost of only a website and whitepaper, even getting a few suckers can be well worth it.

What Is Global King Coin?

“King Coin is a complete solution for running a successful ecommerce business online for new and experienced users. Anyone can sell their products and services and get paid in KingCoin without any programming. King Coin implements a proof of work(POW) which lowers the rate of fraud for both a merchant and client using elegantly designed contracts powered by the ethereum blockchain and secured cryptographically. Merchants can collect vat and accurately manage orders.”

It really doesn’t matter what they say their plan is, because in actuality, it’s not their plan at all.  Or their words, or even their team.  Global King Coin copied their whole website from Bezop’s old website.

If you’re still not convinced and want to lose your money, it may be best to check with one of the advisers they list on their horribly-made site.

global king coin scam

The middle XXXXXXX would be the great John McAfee, and here is his opinions on investing in Global King Coin: