Crypto Scam Job Offerings

A rapidly growing crypto industry which is still in its infant stages makes it a prime target for scammers trying to make a quick, illegal buck. We have heard of fake phishing wallets, fake twitter scams, but it seems scammers are targeting the job search departments as well. If you take a look at Craigslist or other job offer listing sites, you might start seeing new crypto companies hiring. Many of these listings are legit as new local crypto trading companies are a thing now.These companies will most likely have a verifiable business location, and go through the traditional hiring routes of checking your resume and holding an interview.

Please be aware and alarmed of any red flags. If a company says they’ll hire you if you complete a transaction first, red flag. If you get hired immediately with out an interview and all the company needs is your private information, RED FLAG. Its possible you will have all your information and funds stolen, or even worse, be tricked into committing crimes under the pretense that they are your regular job duties.

For example, a popular crypto job scam thats been circulating is the Dahlgren Software company.

The Dalhgren Software company expects their employee to receive a payment online, go to a bank to withdraw the cash, then deposit the cash into a few designated cryptocurrency ATMs to buy crypto. Yup, that doesn’t sound like a few years upstate sharing a cell with a Big Bubba.

The crypto industry is so new that new jobs titles are being created out of thin air. That’s not hard to believe, but receiving payments and withdrawing them from various bank accounts and depositing it back into ATMs is not a job. That is most likely helping an illegal organizations commit fraud and money laundering. Dealing with companies like these should be avoided. It’s highly possible whatever they do with your personal information will not be positive. You can actually just be a target from the scam itself, a la Nigerian 419 style. You may receive a few small deposits, make a few large deposits back then get conned in the long run and never hear from them after they gain your trust. You could be cashing out crypto funds that were procured illegally into fiat that will now be linked to you. Whatever scenario, it will not end good for you.

While the excitement of a new job, especially in the crypto industry, an industry you are in love and obsessed with, may seem like a no-brainer opportunity to get yourself in the door, you must still do your due diligence. Scams prey on ignorance. It will only take you a few minutes to do research on a company but those few moments can save you from a life time of hurt.