Lotus Token LTO is Not a Real Company

Please be advised that Lotus Token (LTO) is not a legitimate company and most likely running a SCAM. Developer Bok Mislav has brought to attention that his name, photo, and link to his LinkedIn was falsely listed on the official Lotus website stating he was an adviser. Mislav has clarified that he is in no way involved with the Lotus project. It can only be assumed that many of the other Lotus team members are fake, as well as everything about the company.

lotus coin scam

The blockchain based, travel related transaction company has recently had an ICO with out much fan fare. It is unknown how much of the ICO goal was reached, but even 1 or 2 ETH would be enough for a fake company that’s only cost was putting up a website and fake whitepaper. The LTO is currently only listed on IDEX exchange, but trading on 0 volume. It is advised to stay away from fake new scam start-ups as most will exit soon after their ICO sale.