AeroKing ICO Being Outted as a SCAM

AeroKing (ATO), a new decentralized airline ticketing start-up, is the latest crypto project that’s being outted as another scam company. is currently holding their ICO presale, offering up to 75% of ATO for public sale. The company describes the AeroKing project as:

AeroKing will make use of the existing architecture of the IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) in designing an algorithm for providing a seamlessly fast and Real-time airline ticketing system. Furthermore, AeroKing will facilitate the feature of hotel booking and reservation in over 1800 hotels worldwide accepting over 20 cryptocurrencies as payment either through the App or at any AeroKing centers at the airport. AeroKing is presenting a friendly, easy and smooth use of Cryptocurrency in Airline sector. Overall, these benefits promise to provide unlimited opportunities for anyone involved in the cryptocurrency world, adoption of cryptocurrency on the existing connection available for booking flights through the IATA certified agencies fostering and supporting mainstream adoption.

aeroking scam ico

With a new ICO popping up every other day, all including snazzy websites and well written, technical whitepapers, one way to further research a project is by looking at their team. Most reputable organizations will list their team members including CEOs, developers, and advisers. All though it is entirely possible that a project can have a brand new virgin team, working on their first project (which is a risk in itself), most major projects have team members that have been in the scene for a while, or at least have a paper trail (LinkedIn, social media) proving their credentials. It is always good to be suspicious of projects that don’t publicly list their team members, or members that seem to appear out of thin air.

AeroKing did not appear to have that problem as their website did in fact list their team, and a highly reputable one at that.


It looks like AeroKing had their bases all covered, except for the little fact that the people listed under their Main Team are well, actual real people. Earlier this morning Laura Shin, crypto-journalist and host of the, turned to Twitter to announce her non-involvement with the AeroKing project.

laurashin aeroking

Shortly after, “team members” Alex Miller, and Alex Fisher also tweeted they were not involved with AeroKing, calling it a SCAM.

alex fisher aeroking scam

Benjamin M. Brown has not spoken out yet, but one can only assume his involvement is also fabricated considering the 3 out of 4 track record. AeroKing has deleted the team members section on their website (Shout out to Laura Shin for screen capping it), all though everything else regarding their project and ICO remains. Is it possible the project is real with major potential and only faked the team member part of their website for whatever reason? No. They are liars and committing fraud, stealing people’s name’s and likeness. The trend these days is for fake companies to create projects, launch ICOs, and hopefully racket up as much funds as they can before they exit. AeroKing has not addressed the fake team members situation, uncommon for a budding start up facing FUD and naysayers, and have only responded by deleting the section. Do not invest in this company. If not for this scam company completely falsifying their team members, then at least for this shitty photoshop logo.

aeroking scam


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