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Crypto n Kafe ICO Scam – False Team Members


It has come to attention that Crypto n Kafe has false team members listed on their website and is most likely a scam.


Crypto n Kafe is offering a decentralized trading ecosystem that uses blockchain to support small-scale coffee farmers, traders, roasters, and retailers. They’re currently holding an ICO with a goal of 51,000 ETH, and supposedly have reached 60% funding.

It seems Tyler Sanford may not be the only fake team member listed on their site. Suspiciously, many of the team members are unable to be found anywhere else on the internet, are linked to accounts that don’t mention any connection to Crypto n Kafe, or take the identities of real people in the tech industry and create shell accounts stating their affiliation.

cryptonkafe scam

Nicolay Buslaev Twitter
Yury Loika Twitter
Victor Martin Twitter
Tyler Sanford Twitter
Michael David Twitter

Their website says their Crypto n Kafe app is available on the Apple app store and Google Play store. The links to download the app are not links, just images, and the app can not be found on neither stores.


Their Facebook obviously bought the 9,700 like and follow package, which makes the project appear more known and popular than it really is.

crypto n kafe scam
Since they have fake followers and fake interest in the company, there really is no discussion among there 9,700 followers besides people calling Crypto n Kafe out, or the same generic promotional post from people participating in their bounty campaign.

crypto n kafe scam

It is the same situation in their official Telegram.

cryptonkafe scam team

Even with out a statement from their team, there are too many red flags surrounding the Crypto n Kafe project. There has not been a scenario in the past where a company listed fake team members and ended up being a legitimate project. It’s unfortunate as the project seems like a noble idea in theory, sadly it is just scammers using real 3rd world countries labor issues as a way to profit. Avoid Crypto n Kafe and do not participate in their ICO as you will most likely have your money stolen.