Fake Nebulas Wallet Scam – nebulas-nas.com


Do not create a wallet and deposit NAS into this fake Nebulas wallet. Nebulas-nas.com is a fake wallet scam website. The fake scam site has also bought Google ad space and will show up as the first result when you Google Nebulas wallet. Don’t use the wallet found on nebulas-nas.com

nebulas scam wallet

The official Nebulas wallet is the Nebulas Web Wallet.

Create a NAS wallet instructional video:



More instructions on how to set up a Nebulas web wallet:

How to use the Web Wallet Part 1 – Create a NAS Wallet Part 2 – Sending NAS from your Wallet Part 3 – Signing a Transaction Offline Part 4 – View Wallet Information Part 5 – Check TX Status Part 6 – Deploy a Smart Contract Part 7 – Call a Smart Contract on Nebulas