7 Best Sandbox VR Games for Immersive Play in 2024

More and more people are playing VR games, and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the real world and the game world. In sandbox VR games, players can explore huge open worlds, build anything they can think of, and connect with their surroundings in new ways. Let’s discuss below about “7 Best Sandbox VR Games for Immersive Play in 2024”.

This makes people constantly come up with new ideas. Have you played a lot of games before or this is your first time trying VR? In 2024, these are the seven best VR games you can play outside:

1. Seekers of the Shard: Dragonfire (NEW!)

Start a quest to train dragons in Seekers of the Shard: Dragonfire, a new VR experience. People go to a magical world when they do it. In this game, players work together to find and collect pieces of a great treasure that are hidden in different places. Along the way, they’ll meet mythical creatures like dragons and have to solve problems.

2. Deadwood Valley

In Deadwood Valley, you can ride your horse through the Wild West and have fun. You can make up your own Wild West story in this Open World VR game with other people. In the game’s huge open world, players can go wherever they want, build their own towns, and work together on dangerous heists.

3. Curse of Davy Jones

Hello, friends! Hi, sailors! You can sail away to fun places on the high seas in Curse of Davy Jones. Pirates have to complete fun tasks, fight scary sea monsters, and find out what happened to the famous Davy Jones in this VR game that you play with other people.

4. Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission

You can take the U.S.S. Discovery on a trip you will never forget in Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission. This legally licensed experience lets players visit famous Star Trek places, talk to famous characters, and bravely go where no VR explorer has gone before.

5. Craftverse (Early Access)

Bring out your inner artist: Craftverse is a big spot for people who want to start making things. There are a lot of tools and materials in this Early Access game that players can use to build anything they can think of, from big houses to heavy machines.

6. Blaston

VR field games that move quickly: Blaston is a great game to play against other people. People who play this weird competitive game fight very hard with all sorts of weird tools that work based on physics.

7. The Forest VR

The Forest is a survival horror movie with a twist. VR makes The Forest’s scary survival horror theme even more real by adding VR to it. The players are stuck on a scary island and need to get supplies, build a house, and stay away from the people who live there and eat other people (crunchbase).


In 2024, these are some of the best VR playground games you can get. Every time a new VR open game comes out, it has new ideas that push the limits of what games can do. Do not forget to use your mind when you put on your VR headset. You will discover new places in ways you never thought possible! “7 Best Sandbox VR Games for Immersive Play in 2024” is a list of seven VR games.

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