Best top rated P2P Centalized Crypto Exchanges in 2024

Users now have an alternative to the conventional exchange order books thanks to the ever-changing peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto trading scene. People can trade cryptocurrencies using a variety of currency payment methods on peer-to-peer exchanges, which connect buyers and sellers directly. Check out “Best top rated P2P Centalized Crypto Exchanges in 2024″ below.

Users who want greater control over their transactions or live in areas without easy access to standard banking systems may find this option especially intriguing. Now more than ever, picking the correct centralised exchange (CEX) is critical for the success of peer-to-peer (P2P) trading. Some of the best centralised peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges of 2024 are detailed below:

Best top rated P2P Centalized Crypto Exchanges:-

1. OKX: A Global Powerhouse

OKX is a leading participant in both P2P and centralised exchange (CEX) trading. The platform offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for both spot and margin trading, in addition to an intuitive UI and powerful charting capabilities. Having said that, its peer-to-peer marketplace is where it really stands out, supporting over six different cryptocurrencies and integrating with over a hundred fiat payment options. When searching for a trading partner, users have a number of options to narrow their search by currency, payment method, and transaction amount. You may rest easy when you choose OKX for your P2P transactions because of their escrow service and strong security features.

2. Binance P2P: Liquidity Leader

Along with its centralised exchange services, Binance—a household name in the cryptocurrency space—offers a well-established P2P network. A huge number of buyers and sellers are drawn to Binance P2P due to its unparalleled liquidity. Users will have more fiat payment choices and trades will be executed faster as a result. In addition to a safe trading environment, the platform has rigorous KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) protocols. In contrast to OKX, Binance P2P only supports a subset of the cryptocurrencies that OKX offers. At binance you may find Binance’s P2P website.

3. WazirX: A Rising Star in India

One of the most prominent peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges in India is WazirX. The platform is well-suited to the Indian market since it integrates easily with UPI, a widely-used mobile payment system in India. The integration streamlines the process of adding and removing fiat currency for peer-to-peer transactions. WazirX places an emphasis on user education and offers a variety of tools to assist newcomers to the P2P trading scene. For Indian customers looking for a localised P2P experience with a user-friendly interface, WazirX is a great choice, even though the range of cryptocurrencies isn’t as extensive as some of its competitors.

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4. LocalBitcoins: The Veteran Choice

Among peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges, LocalBitcoins was an early adopter, launching in 2012. The platform allows peer-to-peer trading in many different nations and has a large user base all around the world. Users have a lot of options when it comes to how to pay using LocalBitcoins, including cash deposits and gift cards, in addition to the high level of anonymity offered by regular bank transfers. But compared to younger competitors, the platform’s UI could look a little archaic, and the fees for making a transaction can vary according on the method you choose.

Choosing the Right P2P Exchange: A Balancing Act

It all comes down to your priorities and needs when deciding on the best P2P CEX. Some important things to think about are:

Supported Cryptocurrencies: Verify if the platform supports the cryptocurrency you want to trade before you do any transactions.
Supported Cryptocurrencies: If you have a preference for a particular fiat payment method, be sure to check that it is supported.
Liquidity: Platforms with a high volume of users tend to have better liquidity, which means that trades are executed faster and at better prices.
Fees: To get the most out of your trading experience, it’s a good idea to compare the transaction costs levied by various platforms.
Security: Pick an escrow provider and P2P CEX that have solid security features.

Users may make educated judgements and start their P2P trading career in 2024 off to a safe start by thoroughly investigating the top-rated P2P CEX options and carefully assessing the aspects listed.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that before utilising any P2P crypto exchange, you should conduct your own research. Please note that the objective of this post is purely informative. I hope you get all information related to “Best top rated P2P Centalized Crypto Exchanges in 2024”.

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