Decoding ICOs vs IDOs Comparison-Your Guide to Acquiring Crypto Pre-Listing

More and more buyers are realising how valuable it is to buy cryptocurrencies before they even go live on the biggest decentralised exchanges (DEXs). There are, however, different ways for investors to get involved and be early users. Read on to learn more about “Decoding ICOs vs IDOs Comparison-Your Guide to Acquiring Crypto Pre-Listing”

We’ll talk about five ways to buy cryptocurrency before it goes public in this article, including their pros and cons. To fully understand, keep reading. .

How to Buy Crypto Before Listing?

Before it hits platforms, here are some ways to buy cryptocurrency:

  • Crypto Presales: Investors who take part in presales for crypto can get tokens at a lower price and have the chance to support the project from the start.When people join early, they can help the project grow and develop while also possibly making a lot of money as the project takes off.
  • Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) & Fair Launches:  According to investopedia IDOs level the playing field for buyers by letting anyone take part in token sales without the need for middlemen. This democratic method encourages everyone to be involved in the community. Making sure that everyone has an equal chance to get tokens at the start of the project, fair launches bring openness and fairness to the fore even more.
  • Airdrops: Airdrops are a way for projects to get more people to use their products and raise knowledge of their benefits. They also reward early adopters. By doing things or finishing jobs, participants add to the ecosystem of the project and get tokens as a reward.Also, airdrops help spread tokens around, which spreads control and encourages network effects.
  • Launchpad platforms: Launchpad platforms gather carefully chosen business opportunities and give investors access to projects that have been checked out and information for doing their research. Investors can lower the risks of investing in early-stage projects and learn about new blockchain projects by taking part in token sales through launchpads. In addition, launchpads often offer extra perks like token bonuses and priority placements to encourage people to join.

In general, these strategies help buyers spread out their holdings. Find new projects, and take advantage of early-stage chances in the fast-changing world of cryptocurrencies. Investors can increase their chances of long-term growth and success by staying educated and taking an active role in the crypto ecosystem.

What is ICO?

Cryptocurrency projects use “initial coin offerings,” or ICOs, to raise money. It includes giving investors some of the project’s new cryptocurrency tokens in exchange for money. Most ICOs happen early on in the creation of a project. With the goal of raising money for the project’s growth and progress.

Investors in an initial coin offering (ICO) usually buy the project’s tokens with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or sometimes regular money. In exchange for their money, buyers get a certain number of project tokens based on how much they put in.

It is important to remember that ICOs became popular during the bitcoin boom in the late 2010s. However, they have since been closely watched by regulators because of worries about protecting investors and stopping fraud. Because of this, many places have put rules or limits on ICOs to protect buyers and keep the market honest.

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What is IDO?

An Initial Dex Offering, or IDO, is a way for cryptocurrency projects to get money and give out shares without going through a central authority. IDOs happen on decentralised exchanges (DEXs), which is different from standard initial coin offerings (ICOs) or initial exchange offerings (IEOs), which are usually held on centralised platforms.

In an IDO, users can buy the project’s tokens straight from a liquidity pool on a DEX. Investors can take part by trading in coins like Ethereum (ETH) for tokens for the project. IDOs often use smart contracts to make sure that the process of giving out tokens is automated and clear.

Participants in the IDO may be able to get tokens early. When the project is still worth a lot of money. This could mean they can invest early and make money if the project works.


There are many benefits for buyers who buy cryptocurrency before it is listed on exchanges. Early investors can get lower prices, special perks, a higher chance of making money, and information about the business. Investors should know the differences between ICOs and IDOs, though, and they should also think about the risks that come with each. Thanks for reading “Decoding ICOs vs IDOs Comparison-Your Guide to Acquiring Crypto Pre-Listing”.

Disclaimer: Putting money into cryptocurrencies is risky. Before you put money into any ICOs or IDOs, do some study. This article is just for your knowledge; it’s not meant to be financial advice.



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