What Does John Ray III’s $1,575 Per Hour Tell Us About the State of FTX?

When John Ray III was appointed to take over bankrupt crypto exchange FTX, his hourly rate of $1,575 raised some eyebrows. As FTX’s new CEO, Ray brings decades of experience restructuring complex companies after fraud or mismanagement, including Enron. However, his high hourly fee provides insight into the complicated state of FTX’s finances.

Extremely Complex Bankruptcy Case Ray’s high rate likely reflects the great difficulty of navigating FTX’s bankruptcy. FTX was a massive yet opaque operation spanning over 130 affiliated companies. Untangling its finances, assets, debts, and obligations will be tremendously complex for Ray and his team. His specialized expertise in unwinding complex corporate structures is in high demand. The fee signifies that FTX’s bankruptcy will be a long and complicated process.

Lack of Internal Controls The high fee also indicates that FTX had little financial control infrastructure. Ray’s team must essentially build an accounting system from scratch to track FTX’s assets and transactions so creditors can be paid. The lack of internal controls and oversight enabled customer funds to potentially be misused without detection. Ray’s experience making order from chaos is exactly what FTX requires now.

Need to Maximize Value Importantly, Ray’s hourly rate highlights the importance of maximizing recovery for FTX creditors and clients. Paying top dollar for Ray’s services may enable far more assets to be located and returned to customers compared to a less experienced restructuring team. Although costly, his expertise is viewed as invaluable in unwinding FTX and recovering funds.

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byu/FattestLion inethtrader

The eye-popping but specialized hourly rate for Ray reveals FTX to be in a state of great complexity and disorder. His leadership represents the best chance of bringing structure and returning value from the ruins of FTX on behalf of victims. The high cost for Ray’s services are likely worth it given what’s at stake.

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