Bee Token Email ICO Scam

It has come to notice that there has been a large email scam campaign being sent out via email to users who subscribed to Bee Tokens mailing list.  Bee Token has recently launched their ICO and an example of one of the scam emails read :

After much waiting, The Bee Token is proud to announce that our crowdsale is NOW OPEN! You used this address to register to our newsletter so we thought we’d give you some instructions on how to participate.

Firstly, we have modified your contribution maximum limit to be 29.43 ETH so please don’t send more than this or you won’t be compensated. If you are receiving this email then you are permitted to join the ICO but your contribution limit is only guaranteed for 24 hours so don’t miss out!

Secondly, to celebrate our NEW partnership with Microsoft thought we’d give you a 100% BONUS on all tokens sent within the next 6 hours. We guarantee that The Bee Token will double in value within 2 months or we’ll give you your Ethereum back!

Users were prompted to send their Ethereum to an address that is not associated in any way to the Bee Token organization.  Currently, the scam ETH address has conned people out of more than 240 ETH ($200,000+ USD).

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