Loopx.io Just Pulled An Exit Scam

And another one bites the dust. Loopx.io, the latest in the crypto scene to pull off a scam ICO and make a quick exit. It seems Loopx fared a bit better than some of the most recent exit scams as they’ve managed to loot 276.21 BTC and 2,446.70 ETH.

WHAT IS LOOPX The LoopX Team was formed in September 2016 of a core group of high performance professionals to build a new kind of trading software based on our own Loop-Algorithm. After testing our algorithm thoroughly over half a year with great profits continuously every month, we can now finally bring all this advantages of our LoopX – Trading Software to the public.

We are here to help you make money in the emerging market of cryptocurrencies which is projected to grow up to 10 times the size of now until the next year. The LoopX System gives you guaranteed profits every week thanks to the most advanced Trading Software out there to date! We do not make daily payments since we consider that the margins are smaller. For us the priority is the safety of your investment. It took us little bit over a year to bring you the final product so you can benefit from the most advanced technology too.


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