How Will SOL Price React to FTX’s $1.9 Billion Solana Token Sell-Off?

The FTX estate tried to pay off the debts of the previous cryptocurrency exchange by selling Solana (SOL) tokens, which were worth about $1.9 billion, to the public. Here understand the fact behind “How Will SOL Price React to FTX’s $1.9 Billion Solana Token Sell-Off?”.

Bloomberg reports that sources with knowledge of the matter indicate that about two-thirds of the SOL lot was sold by FTX’s estate. Each of the 30 million SOLs in the lot was worth 64 dollars. These tokens are on sale since they are currently locked up and will be for a while before they can be sold. Let’s read below about “How Will SOL Price React to FTX’s $1.9 Billion Solana Token Sell-Off?.

Significant Buyer Interest

A pall of uncertainty hangs over the cryptocurrency market as the FTX bankruptcy drama drags on. Unlocked and inaccessible Solana (SOL) tokens valued at an astounding $7.5 billion were recently exposed, highlighting a substantial portion of the collapsing exchange’s assets.

According to coinmarketcap Concerns regarding the long-term viability and market impact of these SOL coins have been raised by this news, which was published on April 5, 2024. Allow me to explain the matter in detail:

  • Massive Locked SOL Holding: According to reports, the FTX estate possesses 41 million SOL tokens, which. At the current market price, are worth approximately $7.5 billion. Having said that, these tokens are locked, so you can’t buy or sell them for a set amount of time.
  • Dominant Solana Presence: It is worth mentioning that FTX’s digital assets were mostly SOL, with smaller holdings in BTC, ETH, and APT. The fact that the exchange is so invested in Solana shows that it has always been positive about the fast blockchain technology.

Two things can be inferred from this locked SOL scenario:

  • Limited Liquidity: Because these tokens cannot be sold, FTX’s liquidity is severely limited. Making it difficult for the company to repay its debts while it is in bankruptcy. The time it takes to resolve claims with creditors may be affected by this.
  • Potential Market Impact: The locked state of these SOL tokens precludes an immediate flood of tokens into the market. But their ultimate release, however gradual, could put downward pressure on the price. The FTX estate may see an uptick in sell orders as investors brace themselves for potential future sales.

Looking Ahead: It is yet unknown when these SOL tokens will be unlockable. There may have been vesting periods associated with staking or investment agreements in which they participated. Whatever the case may be, it highlights how difficult it is to manage huge amounts of frozen bitcoin and how complicated the FTX bankruptcy was.

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This news should serve as a warning to investors, stressing the need to know how liquid an asset is before putting money into it. Furthermore, it highlights the continuous instability of the bitcoin market, where unexpected occurrences can cause substantial domino consequences.


The complex issues associated with bankruptcy in the cryptocurrency business are vividly shown by the current events surrounding FTX. The discounted SOL sale helped the estate with their short-term cash demands. But they were still left exposed because a lot of their assets were locked up.

What worries me about this circumstance is that it has multiple moving parts:

  • Debt Repayment: The locked SOL tokens make it tougher to pay creditors back quickly, which could delay FTX’s bankruptcy filing.
  • Impact on the Market: Regardless of how slowly the release occurs, investors may wait for the estate to sell these tokens. Which might cause SOL’s price to plummet.
  • Be cautious: Know the liquidity of your assets before investing in cryptocurrencies. The episode illustrates the market’s unpredictability.

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